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Differentiating in a traditional industry

Favorite Medium gave us top quality service, from scoping the project and proposal to the final delivery of our website. They listen. They worked hard to understand our unique requirements and could improvise when needed. FM really gets the art and science of creating a successful web experience.

Daniel Keeyeon Warren, Global Marketing Manager

Focused client, varied audiences

It was clear that Intellian knew what they wanted. These people know their brand lock, stock and barrel. The challenge was to help them realize what that brand vision was in the digital space amongst competitors who weren’t doing it well. On top of that, their customers ranged from some of the biggest known oil and gas companies, shipping carriers, commercial fishing to private consumers (those who own yachts, ahem). How do you create a website that appeals to such a broad spectrum of people all over the world?

Simplicity for users, complex delivery for clients

We worked closely with Intellian to come up with a design system that could appeal to a global customer base while also setting new standards for its industry. Design assets were constantly changing, and it required our team to provide flexibility to how the work was changing. The bigger challenge was to tackle the complex CMS business requirements in a bespoke product. Our solution was to guide Intellian through the process and make it clear what the implications were for each decision. Intellian continues to share the positive feedback they receive since the launch of the new site, and they appreciated the detailed CMS training our development lead provided.

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