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Counting Stars

Favorite Medium built the engine that drives this behemoth of data analytics.

Sooyoung Park, Chief Executive Officer, Favorite Medium

Do you know China? We do.

A key differentiator and technological challenge of Starcount is the inclusion of Chinese social networks in their data collection. With native development expertise and in-country knowledge of Chinese networks and other tricky localization tidbits, Favorite Medium managed to win over this UK-based client. Providing project management from across the world, Favorite Medium spearheaded implementing an aggregation system to collect and store the data and analyze it to produce this unique product.

From web to iOS and Android

From the initial engagement, we’ve created a long-term partnership with the Starcount team. After rolling out the data platform and APIs, creating the iOS and Android apps was a relatively easy task. FM’s continued maintenance keeps everything running smoothly so that Starcount’s clients experience no-glitch service and real-time data access.


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