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War Ink

Favorite Medium made certain that we stayed true to our deepest values. Their inspired and knowledgeable team guided our creative process, so that our project was truly our mission distilled.

Christopher Brown, Co-founder, War Ink


Partnering with War Ink’s co-founders, Jason Deitch and Christopher Brown, we created the website to act as a framework for a series of poignant, documentary-style video interviews produced by StoryCorps (audio) and Rebecca Murga (video). The digital experience is crafted to feel like one is walking through a museum exhibit. Each vet shares very personal reflections of joining the military, their experiences in combat, and their challenges readjusting back home. Working with a rich array of content, we built a scalable web platform through which new stories could eventually be added. Because of the openness and passion everyone brought to the project, our team was deeply committed to delivering a balance of structure and emotional appeal. We learned a ton; from training drills to the unfortunate bureaucracy vets must deal with to get basic medical attention once they are out of service. We are grateful for the opportunity to learn from Jason, Chris and dozens of others who worked tirelessly together.


With a modest budget to create, build and deploy the site from scratch, content required the most attention. Jason and Chris also had day jobs, so their time was quite limited. We set up weekly work sessions with them to define the voice and tone of the War Ink “brand,” and then gave them direction on how to write for the site. We taught them that content must guide and inform site visitors. It must be both professional and compassionate, reflecting the feelings and intentions of vets and their tattoo artwork. Executive Creative Director Andy Pratt became their editor, and deadlines were set.


As soon as the site launched, it struck a collective social nerve. These are stories that have been shared through generations, but in limited circles. Now, people all over the world can listen and see into these individual’s lives in a way that is incredibly raw and powerful for a website. Receiving much critical acclaim, War Ink continues to receive awards. We’re eager to see how the War Ink website grows in the coming years, how it can become a living oral history of these incredible men and women who served our country. Hopefully through this coming together of people, they may find ways to heal. And we find better ways of helping them.



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